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OEMAchem Laboratory

Temperature control is essential in a laboratory that is carrying out processes that require testing to specified limits to conform to quality assurance standards.

Regal installed a Daikin wall mounted energy efficient heat pump system to provide the necessary cooling or heating to keep the room within the temperature set for the testing standards.

Our customer is happy and confident their processes will be carried out in the correct working environment and sent a BIG thanks to the Regal installation team.

 Another 'Regally' satisfied customer.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Regal were approached by a local storage and transport company that needed one of their warehouses to be temperature controlled urgently for a new client of theirs. The high value goods need to be stored within a critical temperature range.

Once the finer details of their requirements were fully understood, Regal selected an air to air heat pump system, with a high static ducted indoor unit. The supply air, warm or chilled to the rooms requirements, is ducted at high level through a fabric duct system. The three supply air ducts had to be kept high to be clear of the fork lifts, so the supply air needed to be at a high velocity to reach the 5 metres to floor level. This was achieved by the use of high velocity jet nozzles spaced along the length of the three 30 metre supply fabric air ducts.

The colour of the fabric supply air duct, blue, has been chosen by the customer to match the colour of the warehouse racking. 

Regal pulled out all the stops to design, install, commission and put the heating and cooling system into operation over a 6 day period. The result is a fully, heating and cooling, temperature controlled warehouse and very happy customers for both Regal and our client.

The end customer was so happy with the result they have asked for an even larger warehouse to be fitted out with a similar temperature controlled system, and so the process begins again!

Another 'REGALLY' satisfied customer


A customer recently had machinery installed that needed ventilation to prevent the electric motors overheating. A couple of in-line fans, intake and exhaust grilles, ductwork and fittings and a pair of Regal ductwork installers later, their problem was solved. Heat exhausted!

Another 'Regally' pleased customer!

Stuffy Office Kong-quered!

Regal Environmental completed an installation of a heat recovery ventilation system for Kong, the World’s top pet toy manufacturer.

Staff at their distribution centre in High Post, near Salisbury, where the offices had a basic extract system for ventilation, required improved ventilation for the comfort of their staff.

Clive Tee, the centre manager, contacted Regal and it wasn’t long before a Daikin VAM Heat Recovery Ventilation system was installed. bringing in fresh air that is passed over a heat exchanger to recover heat from the extracted stale air before being delivered in to the offices via a combination of ceiling and wall grilles.

The staff are now enjoying a greatly improved working atmosphere that remains fresh all day long. Clive commented that the whole installation went very smoothly and the fresher air in the offices is a big improvement and has made such a difference.

Clive Tee agreed that Regal had ‘Kong-quered’ their stale air issues!

Another 'Regally' satisfied customer.


The latest R32 air conditioning systems from Daikin UK have given members of Portsmouth’s Carlton Club much improved levels of indoor comfort in all seasons.

Regal Environmental Systems installed five Daikin R32 split systems to meet the clubs all year round heating and cooling requirements.

Another 'Regally' satisfied customer!


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