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Regal Office Air Conditioning

Regal air conditioning units provide high levels of personal comfort however hot it gets!

Key benefits include rapid summer cooling and winter heating of your home or office environment, air filtration and optimum air distribution keep the air you breath clean while avoiding drafts.

Energy efficient operation saving money for the whole life of the installation.

Regal Industrial Air Conditioning

Regal's industrial air conditioning systems provide large scale cooling and heating capacity for your factory, storage facility or workshop.

Regal industrial air conditioning provides temperature control to the industrial working environment. Where temperature stability of materials or stock is important the added benefit of cooling with heating maintains the temperature throughout the seasons.

Heat Pumps are an energy efficient alternative to gas fired space heating saving money on running cost.

Regal Restaurant Air Conditioning

Regal's restaurant air conditioning systems provide high levels of comfort for your customers.

Regal air conditioning units and fresh air ventilation units enhance the dining experience and set the right atmosphere for your diners.

You know what your customers expect from their food..........we know how to control the temperature so they can enjoy the experience and return time after time

Regal Shop Air Conditioning

Regal's retail air conditioning systems provide excellent levels of comfort ensuring customers recommend or "like" you on social media and return to your shop.

An extensive selection of contemporary and stylish floor, wall and ceiling mounted air conditioning models are available, designed to blend with any retail shop interior and enhance the shopping experience visually and in comfort.

Regal Home Air Conditioning

Regal's home air conditioning systems are stylish and discrete.

Regal home air conditioning provides a modern, economic and efficient way to control temperature in your bedrooms, home office, gym or conservatory.

Innovative Wifi links enable you to control your AC systems from anywhere across the network using your smartphone.

Regal Data Centre & Server Room cooling

Regal's data centre and server room cooling systems are reliable 24/7/365.

Regal understands data centres and server rooms. 100% reliability is paramount and where business critical, Regal will provide standby systems with auto changeover controls and remote monitoring systems.

Fully backed by our after sales support network, Regal provide 24 hour response to data centres and server rooms throughout the south.

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